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Home tips
- Dec 05, 2016 -

Use bottle caps have a scraped ginger

Life there are many plastic bottles, bottle caps are thrown away, in fact, to stay useful. Can first be used to peel ginger, ginger, shape of the warp, and small in size, to remove the ginger Peel very troublesome, teeth around the soda bottle or bottle can be used to peel the ginger skin, is fast and convenient. In addition, can also be used to scale a fish, taking small, about 15 cm long stick, on the ends of nails from 2 to 4 wine bottle caps, bottle cap end face of the tooth to scrape the scales, this is a very good scale a fish.

Made with cans pen holder

Can also be used as an good thing, will drink the rest of the can keep it, cleaned, cut upper, bayonet, cut from the top down by one-third the jar. Cut the whole pot, use a pen to each volume, a simple pen is completed, can put other things of course.

Use old blankets to make massage cushion

Old blankets could be cut into two rectangles, wrap a thick cloth to pick up pebbles. Stones wrapped in blankets the Middle bag, then put two blankets sewn up. In this way, the homemade massage cushion. Every night after dinner took a few back and forth on it, massage, foot acupressure, can certainly play a role in health care.