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Men should do purse?
- Dec 05, 2016 -

Third kind men, wallets, belts and watches. Dating men is the most graceful moments took out his wallet to pay at the moment, a woman will judge through the man's wallet, he tastes, economic strength, and so on, buy tall good purses but also man a significant investment. In this issue we recommend a few purses, quiet and pensive, best suited to advocating simplicity, the pursuit of quality of life of men.

People want their clothes to saddle a horse. Of all men the most important three things, wallets, belts and watches. Now you should add, the mobile phone.

But cell phone accessories can be small or large, to see one's own style, not say the more expensive the better. And does not say there is still a lot of people keep a small dark berries all day every day as a text message, according to the physical keyboard as small nails hurt; even with the most expensive 128G how iPhone Plus, cross the street in Causeway Bay can crash with ten people.

Expensive phones, the average service life is two years, now upgrade faster, a lot of people are for a year. But the price of any of the latest mobile phones, enough to buy you a brand wallet with you once upon a time only.