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MSC railway police quickly help an old cycle back money
- Dec 05, 2016 -

A canvas purse unattended in haian County train station ticket Windows, police Yu Dongyang contact passenger sector through broadcasting immediately looking for the owner, the owner receive a wallet, found documents, bank cards and other items inside the package intact, 800 yuan in cash was missing.

Owner name is Liu Ying (not his real name), 60 years old this year, doing cleaning work in Nanjing, about 1000 Yuan a month. K8464 train ride back to Nanjing on the day at work, didn't want to own a negligence, lost nearly a month's salary. She was very agitated, repeatedly stomping, moan, blames his old, bad memory. Police officers while their mood, arranged for her first car, and began an investigation.

Surveillance video shows, Liu Ying after the purchase of the wallet left behind at the ticket counter of the window when a passenger picked up the bag behind the wallet into his hand, after the purchase, canvas wallet is still on the table. Through the layers of verification officer finally confirmed this basic information for visitors, and get in touch with them. The passenger admitted to a moment's greediness mischief he took money and immediately return to the train station, will hand more than 800 yuan in cash to police officers. Police officers had their criticism of education.

Subsequently, Liu Ying and their families of the police officers had boarded the train to contact and inform the missing cash has been found. Liu Ying is excited, thank you repeatedly, did not expect the train to Nanjing, lost then found.