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Parents child-rearing compulsory children's toys buy Guide
- Dec 05, 2016 -

Toys are partners of the children, many parents buy their children love toys as a gift. Toys bring joy to the children at the same time, there are some risks, including mechanical and physical injuries, noise damage, potential chemical hazards and harmful bacteria damage. So what do parents should pay attention to when choosing toys? how to choose safe toys for children? in addition to the right to purchase toys, how to guide children, especially infants under 3 years of age the safe use of the toy, is also a required course for parents.

Toy mechanical and physical injury is the most obvious: Toy sharp corners and sharp edges may cause scratches and scrapes on children, children under 3 years of age may be swallowing toy parts can cause choking, Catapult bullet wounds when the improper use of toys in a child's eyes, rope toys may cause the cords for children, toy clearance incorrectly can cause children injury. Toys physical hazards noise, due to sensitivity to noise in children than adults, therefore, excessive noise toys can affect a child's hearing. In addition, the plush plush toys are often used flammable fabrics such as velvet or cloth, as these flammability characteristics of fabrics is not eligible children when the flames cause toys burning fire. In addition, children fill dirty stuffed plush toys can spread disease. For children over 3 years old, parents often give their children to buy children's bicycles or electric toy car, children's bicycle chains and even gear designed incorrectly can cut off children's fingers; bicycle rear seat storage basket sometimes pinch children's fingers, brake grip size is too tight will cause would not stop the car.