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Play with us for the next decade concept the smart laundry basket
- Dec 05, 2016 -

Future of intelligent washing machines

Your washing machine has any expectations for the future? A designer from China gives the answer--iBasket. Meaning Basket is a basket here added an "I" becomes intelligent washing machine? IBasket can store you of dirty clothes, has is good of breathable sex, time long points not makes dirty clothing issued unpleasant of smell; addition you can for iBasket set a numerical, that placed of dirty clothing arrived this set value Hou on will automatically began cleaning, and automatically drying; you even can using WiFi function on it of run situation for remote monitoring, once washing and drying all completed, it will to you sent Email or SMS. Can say iBasket is truly intelligent automatic washing machine.

Folding keyboard

The folding keyboard Keystick is a very interesting concept design. When not in use can be folded like a fan into one article when opened. And computers to wirelessly link (a wireless card slot at the top of). Its biggest advantage is easy to carry in public safety and health in your own keyboard.

Circular concept phone

This circular cell phone looks like a bracelet, the side has an LED display showing

Some simple information, numbers is through the side of the LED projection onto a plane, when dialing can be simply touching the corresponding location. It looks super stylish, you can wear it as a bracelet, then it can also be projected onto the current time on your hands, very cool, huh?