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Summer bottles don't throw variable flower pot garden storage box, small coin purse
- Dec 05, 2016 -

Without regular watering pot

Large bottles from the location on the Center-cut. Upper part with nail holes, bottle caps have taken some holes, and then put the cap down into the upper part in the bottom half. Installed in the upper part of soil, planted like flowers. Watering the flowers when excess water will flow from the hole to the bottom half of the bottle, after soil water below will be automatically, even if you often forget to water, can also increase the survival rate of plants.

Vertical garden

If more empty beverage bottles in the House, you can pick a beautiful bottle, make a vertical garden. In the body are part of the cross-cut a rectangular opening in the bottle into the soil, plants such as cactus, Aloe Vera, green on green, then these bottles hung sideways on the balcony or on the living room wall, a vertical Garden on the well.

Storage box

Home if you have 1 liter or more square end of beverage bottles, irregular section above can be cut, leaving the regular cube half of the body. Outside of the bottle wrapped in a layer of fabric you like, you can also add some lace, wooden buttons and other decorations, a practical storage box on the well. Can take remote control, keys, scissors, stationery and other debris.

Zipper coin wallet

Round two sprite or coke bottle bottom cut edge smooth. With a needle at the end of two bottles of edge pierced round holes. With a strong fishing line or nylon zipper side by small apertures on the bottom of a bottle, and then in the second slot on the other side of the zipper on the bottom of the bottle. Finally zip up, becomes a purse.

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