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Treasure, see my 72 changes plastic bottle canister can change basket
- Dec 05, 2016 -

Environmental talent show

Battery lights

The first step: find an abandoned children electric toy lamps, power wheels which remove razor shell can also be replaced.

The second step: metal mobile phone panels in the interface and lamp connection wires of the power wheel up the toys.

The third step: light and Power Panel is placed in the toy phone, close the box and screwed a good screw. Turn on the switch is a treasure, simple lighting. Loaded on connection can also make use of the charger.

Plastic bottle small baskets

Step one: prepare materials needed, including a discarded plastic bottles, small red plastic bag, a piece of white foam, and tools.

The second step: cut from the top down into three plastic bottles, cut into a piece of plastic in the Middle, then dug out a grain of white foam in the plastic bubble.

Step three: the upper and lower portions of plastic bottles cut into petal-shaped, white foam which again, then cut the red plastic bags of red petals.

Fourth step: two petal-shaped plastic bottle with petals in red plastic bag, plastic bag can be used as a hand chain.