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Wallet lost no money out of the service area police at high speed in time to help him find
- Dec 05, 2016 -

Wallet lost no money out of the service area police at high speed in time to help him find

The night of 9th, a driver on the freeway after dinner, to forget your wallet at the hotel, and as a result had no money cannot be high speed, only the police. Province police yunxi police helped their back, penny of property within the package.

19th 20:25, Chen a, Gao Yun XI Brigade of Police Office received a driver reported he Yun XI of fuyin Expressway service area at dinner, a canvas bag left in the restaurant. Now he's driving between sections has been covered to directions in XI ' an, purses in canvas bag he didn't have cash, not high-speed returns to find, ask for police help.

Police ask for details, learned that Chen lost is a yellow canvas bag, package containing about 5000 Yuan in cash and ID cards, driver's licenses and other property. Subsequently, Yun XI service area, police immediately informed patrol police to find, and Yun XI heads of service requests, contact the police on duty to assist.

On 20:39, head of yunxi service area called Yun XI Brigade, Province police duty room back, service staff in restaurants and find a canvas bag, items within the package is consistent with the Chen said. 10 minutes later, the patrol police rushed to the area, after inventory of property within the package in person, service staff will canvas bag handed over to the police.

21:10 on that day, police patrols canvas bag to the Northwest of Hubei provincial post on duty waiting in Chen hands, penny of property within the package.