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Wallet what's the use
- Dec 05, 2016 -

Wallet application:

Not only can put money in the purse and bank cards, credit cards and other monetary tools to gather together in a small package, and easy to carry, usually with Palm size. Purse in addition to the above functions can also be carried out decorations or family photo albums.

Wallet as the name suggests is a bag containing money and most important parcel of everyday life, both for their own identity and reflect your personality. Appropriate wallet style reflects fashion index.



Is commonly used as a means of payment in the e-commerce activity, as it is fit for small purchases. In the e-wallet stored electronic money, electronic cash, electronic money, electronic credit cards. Use e-wallet shopping. Usually need to be made in the e-wallet system. Electronic wallet software e-commerce activities are usually provided free of charge, VISA Cash and Mondex in the world two online e-wallet system.

Handmade purses

Texture of the traditional manual techniques to convey his philosophy. Songcunguang (Hikaru Matsumura) 1993 into Issey Miyake (Issey Miyake) company work, 2006 founded personal name package package brand, original combined Osaka of classic baseball gloves manufacturing and Issey Miyake (Issey Miyake) women's handbag features of "The Unique Bag" series, to 184 a component, and 775 a making process, complex and exquisite of skills than General of package package production to complex 1 time times are more than, Was amazed.