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Beautifully Handmade Cosmetic Bag
- Dec 05, 2016 -

Material: silk cotton line (yellow color), 1 mission, (not unraveling for the edge [1] well, here is a kitchen rag), buttons, 1 stitch.

1, first Afghanistan needle weave weave two rows of blue thread, hooks 20-pin the braid.

2, then change color, with a yellow line adjacent to the blue line, then knit two rows. And so on, each weave two rows at a time line, a total of 38 altogether.

3, at the 39th line, from 2nd needle weave in ends, collect 1 pin at each end. 39th and 40th row row stitch count the same.

4, at the 41st rows minus 1 stitch at each end. Similarly, the di42-54 minus 1 stitch at each end. 54th line was reduced to 4 stitches.

5, cut a piece of fabric the same size just cloth, coinciding with the fabric, worn over the yarn on the needle seam.

As shown in Figure 6, and then folding. When part of the seam of the bag, cross stitching.

7, on the cover sew a buttonhole, sew on buttons on handbags.