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Bedroom Storage Space-saving Closet Tips
- Dec 05, 2016 -

Hidden locker room

Bedroom space, and want to have a basic locker room. May wish to divide the bedroom small spaces, separated by walls made of walk-in closet. Invisible sliding door sets are the most sophisticated, usually not open to maintain visual consistency. Open storage storage to become a coat closet!

Extreme use of bed space

Big hidden space under the bed to hide areas can turn up like this frame greatly popular favor, how tall is because the bed, possessing more powerful space. Can swing into the season of quilts, pillows, etc.

Rattan storage basket placement

Where is space savings, so storage baskets can be placed where, greatly improves the utility of such objects! bedroom objects, except for large object storage, snack items are need a shelter. Storage basket is such considerate item, randomly placed, flexible storage, convenient and practical.

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