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Buying Guide
- Dec 05, 2016 -

Considerations for buying leather wallet:

Wallet is an essential belongings, not only need money, often also carry important documents, and took out his wallet the moment, also shows that the taste and temperament, then in buying a purse, do to choose the right purse?

Selected wallets, most important is to choose their own identity, the wallet can reflect your personality best, we from the following three aspects:

1, recognizing the leather logo tag.

2, check whether the commodity trademark, factory address, certificate of plant. Imports of Chinese leather product identity.

A, my wallet is a common thing, natural practical degree as the highest principles when choosing a purse, regardless of style, quality, brand, card layer enough, intervals, and should be considered priorities.

B, than simple change packages, set key bag, coin purse in one style is more suitable for practical you, small items such as keys, coins can be incorporated also able images of modern women.

Dark leather material-oriented c, men's wallets, style simple and generous! if you are carry bag man can choose rectangular wallet, if it is hand placed in a Pocket, purse, you can select across money wallet! don't choose too high price too wasted and don't buy too expensive took for fun.

Wallet metal parts such as rings, buttons, key hooks, depends on its gold-plated is intact, in General, copper products are less susceptible to rust, fade. Purse seams should pay attention closely, but note that when tight, and the entire leather pull it too tightly, causing rupture of the wallet. Note whether there are too many seams in leather, gap, using several different chips are made so good wallet should avoid an excessive number of joint surface.