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Folding Laundry Baskets How To Combine
- Dec 05, 2016 -

First steps first fold front is 8, profile is semicircular, attention to the clothes basket mouth must be right in the middle on top of the 8, will twist of its having been fixed;

The second step after the fold, grabbed 8 waist, side wire natural curved into a semicircle along the natural curve of steel wire, 8 soft wire press down at the top to a semicircular arc 2/3;

The third step, at this time, the top half of the 8 round had become two small circles, down through the wire to the two small round naturally stacked together;

The fourth step, fold up the two small circles and 8 together, following a little round, generally speaking, the clothes basket border should happen where there is a rubber band, just pulled up and tied three, and then you are done.