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How To Clean Cosmetics: Daily Makeup Tools How To Clean You?
- Dec 05, 2016 -

Lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow

Every time with my lipstick, mascara, lip gloss, can be wiped down with a damp towel or wet handkerchiefs, as you like to wipe your mouth after eating, it makes your makeup clean.

Foundation brush

When cleaning paint, paint cleaning agents in the Palm of the hand and then brush with hand vertical shape, and wipe the brush back and forth in the Palm, bristles full contact with the detergent, then rinse.

Powder puff

The puff cleaning agent into Ziploc bags and then placed in laundry powder poured into the water after shaking, puff the dirty things will naturally be washed out with clean water after cleaning powder puff.

Powder eye shadow, blush

With a wet towel to wipe it again after cleaning the spray on the surface after evaporation of a place for a few seconds can, clean once a month.

Eyelash curler

Eyelash curler is easy with mascara on top, long term corrosion Eyelash curler on the rubber. Eye and lip makeup remover can be used to wash or wipe clean then.

Cosmetic bag

Cosmetic bag is the easiest to breed bacteria, think so much every day cosmetics on the inside and get dirty. So cosmetic bag suggested cleaning once a week, cotton pads, wipe with alcohol every day. Regular replacement of cosmetic bags.