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Men In Quanzhou Area Personnel To Help Them Play Carelessly Lost Wallet Found
- Dec 05, 2016 -

On December 3, the Hubei Sun, Qingyuan mountain once again, from Qingyuan mountain scenic spot Management Committee staff took the lost wallet the other day, thanks again and again.

According to the CMC staff on Friday, during an inspection of Qingyuan mountain area law enforcement battalion in, picked up a brown leather bag, there were 3577 Yuan in cash and ID cards, driving licences, bank cards and other documents 8.

Area staff can guess, lost so much money and documents, the owner must be very worried.

In order to find the owner, information on staff in the owner ID card, contact the owner is located in Hubei Province, and the local police station for help, and find the owner Mr Sun's cell phone number and get in touch with him.

He received a scenic spot after the phone call, very surprised, feel distressed when he lost her purse. According to him, a few days ago, when he visit the Qingyuan mountain, accidentally lost bags. He is to the Xiamen airport, prepared to found my wallet on the plane was gone. "Money is trivial, so many documents lost, completing the formalities very troublesome. ”

Specially to Quanzhou Sun, from the time the staff member took the lost wallet, in the scenic area connect greatly appreciated.