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Planter Bag Continuous Improvement
- Oct 18, 2017 -

As we all know, plant wall widely developed in foreign countries, Planter Bag China since the introduction of planted plants continue to improve and improve the process. Planter Bag At present, the domestic more mature planting technology has four kinds of plant bag technology, basin technology, module technology and moisturizing blanket technology. This kind of process to use the plant wall bag only plant bag technology.

Plant wall bags are from the plant bag technology. Plant bag technology is a low cost, easy construction, easy maintenance, easy to adjust the construction technology, but also the development trend of the domestic plant wall technology, the finished product bags using waterproof coating directly bonded to the wall, Planter Bag and then to the plant bag Plant can be planted.

The plant wall bag is usually made of polypropylene or polyester fiber made of raw materials, double-sided ironing needle made of non-woven bags, which is characterized by anti-UV, anti-aging, non-toxic, Planter Bag non-combustion, extend.

The benefits of using plant wall planting bags are: construction is simple, low risk of maintenance, easy to adjust later, watering performance is stable, longer life, lower cost. Is currently applicable to a wider domestic one.

Two years, a new type of small-scale planting bags specially designed for the production of terrestrial plant containers is popular in the northern market, especially for high value-added nursery products, Planter Bag and the production base is favored by them. Planting tree bag price is relatively expensive, only the cultivation of tree seedlings transplant only use, mainly non-woven fabrics for the tree-based bags are mostly used for large-scale nursery bags of nursery bags production and sales. With the greening project on the fine nursery market demand has increased, the demand for ground cover plants is also increasing, Planter Bag for such seedlings of tree planting bags also began to enter the market with the demand, and formed a certain large-scale production The

The advantages of small planting bags permeability, durable, save water, moisturizing and fertilizer strong, good water retention, seedling growing longer, Planter Bag seedlings in the transplant sales are much better than plastic nutrition bowl, it can Promote the growth of plant roots, to provide adequate nutrients, but also to absorb foreign nutrition. It is often seen that the outside of the plant is surrounded by the plant's fibrous roots, Planter Bag but the price of the small-sized planting bag is high, usually between $ 0.25 and $ 0.55, which is about 10 times the price of the plastic nutrition bowl. For the high value-added land to be used in order to cultivate fine seedlings, it is worth it.