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Planter Bag Durable For A Long Time
- Oct 23, 2017 -

Felt seeding bags: the use of synthetic fiber needle felt non-woven production, light weight, high strength, excellent UV resistance, durable for a long time, breathable, permeable and superb, Planter Bag is the most advantage of the garden nursery industry, Felt US bags can reduce a number of costs, access to excess economic benefits: no need to use expensive porcelain pot cultivation and irrigation equipment, Planter Bag and more labor saving time; planted in the United States plant bags can be unlimited time and place handling, Plus the cost of additional packaging; compared with the traditional cultivation, can reduce the 25% of the soil ball, and the normal transport is not damaged; do not need skilled workers root transplant, ordinary workers can transplant cultivation; high survival rate, Planter Bag and save water , Reduce daily maintenance and promotion costs.

The use of synthetic fiber needle felt non-woven production, light weight, Planter Bag high strength, seedling operation is simple, easy to transport;Planter Bag anti-ultraviolet performance, strong and durable; breathable and permeable to the effective conditions of plant root growth environment oxygen content and humidity; Flexible chip combination, according to the size of the plant can choose the diameter of the container can be used for different plant cultivation. Product Features: root effect; root effect

Promote plant growth, making the survival rate of plants, transplanting convenience.

Use: chip, with needle felt non-woven, Planter Bag each piece has a staggered connection on both sides, you can use the rod connection, the diameter can be assembled according to customer needs, a high degree of production in accordance with customer requirements, assembly is very convenient.

Wool felt in recent years, the emerging recyclable environmental protection material, wool felt material affinity, soft, flexible and durable, and still can be recycled after 100% recycling, Planter Bag the recovery of wool felt and infinite possible ductility, Become one of the most interesting materials!

Choose wool felt, is an attitude, a respected environmental attitude. Planter Bag The development of society must be simple and environmentally friendly. Sheep felt color rich, simple production, Planter Bag because the production process does not involve chemical pollution and 100% recovery.