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Planter Bag Exquisite And Beautiful
- Aug 09, 2017 -

As is known to all, China's Apple bagging plant has now become the majority of domestic Apple's standard planting steps, and this kind of bagging is a unique phenomenon in China. Although Apple's bagging has its positive effect, Planter Bag it inevitably has some negative effects on Apple's growth. Planter Bag No bag of apple cultivation concept has been more and more recognized by industry insiders, and is expected to become the future of domestic apple development direction. The international fruit and vegetable report also in this weihai Apple convention scene specially interviewed the industry expert Weihai Fruit Tea station stationmaster Wang Linjun Mr. and the Qingdao Agricultural University Vice President Yung Professor.

At that time in order to prevent the golden handsome apple skin rust, fruit growers began in the production of paper bags, the effect is very good, Planter Bag this anti-rust bag has been used so far. 1993 began, in order to improve the appearance and color of fruit, while reducing agricultural residues and other problems,

First bagging cultivation can minimize the direct contact with the air and the harmful impurities in the surrounding environment, thus reducing the fruit surface pollution. Second, Planter Bag bagging cultivation can effectively avoid or reduce the mutual abrasions between fruit and foliage, reduce hail disaster or other mechanical damage. In addition, the bag can avoid pests and diseases, and can make the surface of the peel bright, delicate and beautiful, and improve the coloring of the fruit surface. But Apple's bagging has also grown more and more exposed to some flaws. First bagging cultivation itself is a violation of Apple's natural growth rules, Planter Bag the direct result of bagging is the fruit acidity increase, sugar content decreased, Planter Bag fruit flavor fades. The other bagging made the peel thinner, and the storage performance of Apple decreased significantly. It is understood that the domestic Apple packaging factory because the peel is very thin, very easy to be hurt, Planter Bag so can not be large-scale use of mechanical sorting machine to the Apple packaging, more use of artificial packaging, but also to cover the bag to prevent Apple in transit hurt. Planter Bag Second, Apple bagging has increased production investment, raised Apple's cost of planting and exacerbated the strained relationship between labor supply and demand.

In order to further reduce Apple's planting cost and improve the market competitiveness of domestic apple, no bag cultivation has become a new trend of domestic apple planting in the future. Beginning in August 2009, Planter Bag the Weihai Agriculture Bureau began to put forward the idea of "carrying out the bag-free cultivation", and started the experiment of apple bag-free cultivation. According to Mr. Wang, at present, the core problem of bag-free cultivation is to improve the fruit quality on the basis of ensuring the food safety of fruits, Planter Bag which is to further reduce pesticide residues, improve fruit coloring and reduce the fruit rate. The specific measures include light trapping, bacteria Tezuka and so on to reduce the use of pesticides. Planter Bag In the apple coloring problem, uses the organic matter which increases the soil, uses the fertilizer rationally, increases the garden ventilation daylighting, picks leaves turns fruit, Planter Bag spreads the reflective film and so on the measure. Planter Bag Prof Yuan also mentioned that the orchard has been used to prevent insect nets, and the use of a new type of apple can achieve a good coloring effect.