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Planter Bag Keep A Certain Dry
- May 15, 2017 -

1, in the absence of a combination of two people, the bag mouth gently pulled up the shape after the flat on the seedbed (expanded overall Size: width of the 45cmx long 130cm=0.58 square meters).

2, with sharpened bamboo sticks or iron sign fixed around the four sides to shape, then the nutrient soil into the container, if the soil is coarse, can be used iron sieve in the nutrient soil in containers (see chart operation).

Third, the loading of the soil to select a point filled with 7, 8 holes, and then the hole filled with soil on the top of the pile into the cone, and then use the flat plank to advance the extension, so on, until all full.

Fourth, the nutrient soil full, fixed on the four sides of the nearby bamboo iron signature all pulled out, and then put on the next Honeycomb nursery bag recycling (see chart operation).

Fifth, nutrient soil preparation must maintain a certain drying, not excessive, the soil to break.

6, the seedling completion of the water, the hydrolysis of the natural loss of adhesive will automatically separate into a single nursery bag, single plant seedlings, transplantation more convenient.

Recently in the search for vegetable containers, the results found that Taobao has many sellers in the sale of a kind of thing called planting bags, hurriedly bought a few, the price is slightly cheaper than the plastic big pot, I bought two kinds of capacity: square 75*75*22:18 yuan and rectangular 47*28*37:15 yuan, on the network bought earthworms soil: 100 Jin 100 yuan Bao mail. Two things have spent 200 pieces.

Do not buy not know, the original 100 jins of earthworms actually not many, and I bought a rectangular planting bag can be loaded 100 Jin Tu, square planting bags can also be installed at least 150 pounds of soil, so my 100 Jin mud is not enough, so the new 6 million bags of planting only use two, whistling, it seems the next day, to expand the small garden will buy more soil.

The description of the planting bag is such: environmentally friendly high-quality PE material, fine texture and thick, in conformity with international environmental standards, non-toxic decomposition. Applicable to nursery, planting, no pollution. and anti-UV, anti-corrosion, leakage prevention, sunscreen, heat, frost (temperature range-70 160). Available in the balcony, Sunshine Room, outdoor venues.

Although the appearance can not see these advantages, and look like snake bags woven bag, no matter, planted.

Planting bags is not good, last year bought a lot, this year completely eliminated! Not strong enough! Taobao search days and 930 of vegetable pots, big enough, the price is not expensive, this year bought six, very useful!!

I also use foam boxes. Wash basins are easy to brittle if the home has ready-made planting bags available. Specially bought, that can choose the utensils more, not necessarily he is not.