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Planter Bag Method
- Aug 21, 2017 -

Planting bags have pc material and non-woven fabrics, I have bought, non-woven breathable super-good plant is indeed good long, but not suitable for indoor, I was on the courtyard of rattan, the best outside Set a hollow basket on the line is not easy to rain was red deformation, but when the rain is easy to muddy mud out of @ 25 $, then changed the pc, with a lap on the top of the band, and now used to feel good, what rain Did not have a little impact, but no non-woven breathable.

The method of seedling cultivation of bags of bags for the use of geotextile nursery bags has been widely used, so that the quality of the geotextile bagging bag is very important. How to identify the bags of bags of geotextile bags are toxic?

A: sensory testing non-toxic non-woven bags were milky white, translucent, or colorless and transparent, flexible, feel lubrication, looks like wax; toxic non-woven bags of muddy or pale yellow, feel stick.

2: water detection method of non-woven bags placed in the water, and according to the bottom, non-toxic non-woven bags of small proportion, can surfaced, toxic non-woven bags than the huge, Friday, 6,759,194

Three: trembling detection method to catch the non-woven bags at one end of the force shaking, loud loudly non-toxic; sound stuffy people are toxic.

Four: fire detection method non-toxic polyethylene non-woven bags flammable, the flame was blue, the top yellow, white wax flavor, smoke less; toxic PVC non-woven bags are not flammable, from the fire that is extinguished, flame Yellow, the bottom was green, softening can be drawing, with hydrochloric acid irritating smell