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Planter Bag Need To Have
- Jun 05, 2017 -

Planter Bag The Pure manual labor of mushroom cultivation is greatly reduced. So many devices, in the end, is not every grower needs to have, recently asked a lot of people, is finishing the answer as follows, the new growers decided to buy which equipment, Planter Bag the Mushroom machine factory research direction is instructive:

1. Mushroom Sawdust Grinder. This is the bag material mushroom plant essential equipment, is the various kinds of wood processing into the bag to grow the qualified wood chips. Sawdust Crusher equipment has been relatively mature, a variety of specifications complete, Planter Bag but also more useful. But this is not a mushroom growers must be equipment, the general farmers do not need, those who own wood, planting a large scale only need.

2. Mushroom Mixer. Is the sawdust, wheat bran, gypsum, water mix evenly equipment, at present automatic, semi-automatic, various sizes and models have. Planter Bag Mushroom Mixer does not need every family have, a few households can be combined.

3. Bagging machine. is to put the mushroom culture material into the plastic bag equipment, although there are many kinds, but still not very mature, there is room for improvement.

4. Zhakou machine. is a small machine, the price is not high, but the liberation of manpower is not small.

5, mushroom bag cart. This is the great invention of the farmers, is used for the special removal of mushroom fungus stick, simple and practical,Planter Bag greatly reducing the labor intensity.

6. Sterilization Furnace. The fungus that can be stuffed with mushroom cultivation material is processed into clinker to complete sterilization equipment. This is the key to restricting the production of shiitake mushrooms, although the continuous upgrade, but with the ideal state gap.

7. Inoculation machine. This is the people after a lot of trial, dream to solve the problem, but also introduced a lot of products, but the effect is not ideal, still need to continue efforts. The inoculation machine also becomes the restriction factor of the mushroom fungus rod factory production line.

8. Puncture machine. It is also a small machine, with manpower, power, and automatic, but it is difficult to solve the problem of selective puncture.

9. Water Injector. It is used for the mushroom fungus stick after each mushroom is finished. Compared with the former, the advantages of this machine are obvious, the labor intensity is small, fast and the damage of the fungus stick is small. This is necessary for growers, but not worth it.

10. Cutting handle machine. The technology is not very mature, but it is of great significance. Now planting a large amount of mushroom farmers, in the Tou concentrated in the mushroom, often cut mushroom handle to the night, some even clock. Although the labor intensity is not high, but time-consuming, urgent need to solve equipment problems.

11. Drying machine. This is the necessary equipment for all mushroom growers. This is too many lessons, there have been many because the fresh mushrooms unsalable, Planter Bag and no drying equipment, resulting in mushrooms rotten case. Dryer in mechanical improvement, the use of heat has a great demand for ascension.

12. Grading sieve. It is a tool for sorting shiitake mushrooms into various sizes. The farmer basically does not need, but use can raise the mushroom to be able to sell more.

13. Temperature control equipment. Mainly used in the production of anti-season, for the factory and careful management of the farmers useful, the general farmers do not need.

14, Mushroom Room intelligent control system. The utility can improve the efficiency, but the demand for the growers is higher, which is the direction of development.

15. Mushroom fungus rod production line. This is also the direction of efforts, the existing lack of promotional value, but to realize the factory, it is necessary to pass this.