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Planter Bag The Advantages
- Jul 11, 2017 -

With the cultivation of a variety of seedlings planted seedlings, Planter Bag low cost, high efficiency, durable, transparent, save water, moisturizing and fertilizer, Planter Bag good insulation, Planter Bag so that trees grow green; not affected by seasonal climate (especially in the north drought And desert planting than the average environment in the planting survival rate is higher, the role is more obvious); Planter Bag at the same time nursery products throughout the year transplant root system to ensure high survival rate of transplant, seedlings can achieve the desired growth advantage!

The US bag is a non-woven bag made of polypropylene material that can be used to plant small plants inside without having to change the soil and bags back and forth because of the growth of its roots, Planter Bag and it is suitable for many species , Even the most difficult to grow bamboo trees, camphor trees and so on and then the United States can grow well in the bag, this planted material for plant growth has many advantages, it helps plant growth, species in the United States There is no difference between the bag and the species in the field, Planter Bag but will achieve very good results, then we will introduce some of the US planting bags on the relevant knowledge.

US bags using a special polypropylene material, can cause natural root effect, high transplant efficiency. After planting the root extension, Planter Bag contact with this unique material will run through the bag surface, Planter Bag and was ring peeling, so that the root of the bag will not grow thick, and promote the formation of many fine roots in the bag, is the natural cut off the effect.

1. With the United States planting bags of seedlings, from the beginning of the seedlings can be directly implanted into the bag without fake, soil, pots, Planter Bag into a tree after the direct transplant.

2. US bags with the best permeability of breathable, allowing water, Planter Bag nutrient free penetration, there will be no root rot phenomenon.

3. US bags can be used as a general container, saving container costs.

4. Root is not easy to surround, Planter Bag the main root in the bag within the scope of growth, fine roots can be absorbed through the side of the US side of the bag of water, nutrients

5. Any soil can be universal, especially sandy soil effect is more significant.

1. Do not cut off before transplantation,Planter Bag with a simple tool can be transplanted without skilled workers to deal with, reduce labor costs;

2. transplant without pruning leaves, leaves most of the leaves, so that the tree is perfect, a substantial increase in plant quality.

3. Can be transplanted throughout the year, Planter Bag from the season, the impact of climate, transplant time significantly extended.

4. For those who are not easy to transplant or transplant obstacles (such as camphor, bamboo, ginkgo, cherry, maple, etc.), particularly favorable.

5. Transplantation of the root system is complete, after transplantation growth is not affected, Planter Bag and the high survival rate.

1. Cultivation costs - compared with the container cultivation, Planter Bag the cost is much lower, without the use of expensive potted cultivation of soil and irrigation equipment and more labor.

2. Packaging costs - mining harvest, the United States can be used for packaging bags of soil ball containers, no additional packaging to reduce costs, should pay attention to planted in the project, Planter Bag the first to remove the planting bags.

3. Handling costs - due to the integrity of the roots and nutrients accumulated in the bag, the soil ball can be more than the traditional cultivation of trees to reduce the soil ball about 25%, Planter Bag or that the same size of the soil can grow large size trees, followed by the new bags An increase of four portable ring so the handling costs can be reduced a lot.

4. Transplant costs - no skilled workers to root transplant, Planter Bag ordinary workers can be transplanted.

5. Maintenance costs - high survival rate after transplantation, Planter Bag can save future maintenance costs.