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Planter Bag The Most Extensive
- Aug 01, 2017 -

The bagging process is the most widely used process in the industry. Planter Bag Its convenience, low cost, less maintenance, suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor green walls. The watering system is automatic and manual to choose from, convenient and flexible, which can ensure that the amount of water within each bag evenly to ensure that the plant growth in good condition.

The seedling technology of the special geotextile nursery bags has been widely used, Planter Bag so that the quality of the geotextile bagging bag is very important.

Non-toxic non-woven bags are milky white, translucent, Planter Bag or colorless and transparent, flexible, feel lubricated, looks like wax; toxic non-woven bags color or pale yellow, feel sticky.

The non-woven bags placed in the water, Planter Bag and according to the bottom of the water, non-toxic non-woven bags of small proportion, can surfaced, toxic non-woven bags than the huge, sinking

Planting bags / nursery bags Advantages:

1. The use of this bag can be naturally degradable PP non-woven production, Planter Bag outdoor use can be gradually degraded after 1 year does not pollute the environment. After transplanting and degrading, the plant roots can continue to grow and extend into the outer soil. Planter Bag Than the market to sell other materials of the bags more environmentally friendly, Europe and the United States and other developed countries have been widely used.

2. Soil balls are small and easy to loose: because the bag to save a lot of fibrous roots, Planter Bag so the soil with the ball less than the traditional way, and the migration of soil ball is not easy to loose.

3. Transplantation is quick and easy to extend the transplant season: trees planted with this planting, Planter Bag the roots do not grow down, Planter Bag and only a very small number will pass through the gap, basically no need to cut off the side of the root can be transplanted trees. More than 95% of the roots are stored in the bag and will not be hurt, basically all year round transplant, Planter Bag and the survival rate and quality increased significantly.

4. Reduce multiple costs:

The cost of cultivation - compared with the cultivation of the container, the cost is much lower, without the use of expensive potted soil and irrigation equipment and more labor.

Packaging costs - after harvest, Planter Bag the species of bags can be used for packaging soil ball containers, no additional bundles of rope packaging to reduce costs, planted in the project, you do not need to remove the original bag, to be natural degradation of bags. Of course, can also remove the kind of bags in order to achieve faster transplant purposes.

Handling costs - due to the integrity of the roots and nutrient accumulation in the bag, the soil ball can be reduced by about 25% compared with the traditional soil of planting trees, or the same size of the soil can be planted larger size trees, followed by the bag used in high-intensity portable Ring, Planter Bag handling costs can be reduced a lot.

Transplant costs - no skilled workers can be transplanted, ordinary workers can be transplanted.

Maintenance costs - high survival after transplantation, can save future maintenance costs.

The items listed above show that the bag is cheaper and more costly than traditional field planting or container (plastic pots or wooden cases). And avoid the excavation of ceramic soil, Planter Bag to protect the environment and soil and water conservation, saving energy, Planter Bag in line with energy saving carbon reduction policy; small size, light weight, corrosion-resistant mildew, Planter Bag is conducive to operations, storage and sales of transport.

5. Easy to operate

According to the growth status of nursery stock, Planter Bag at any time to adjust the spacing, easy to plastic pruning; direct transplant planting without transplanting basin, Planter Bag environmental protection and convenient, saving seedlings from the packaging time and labor costs, greatly reducing the cost of transportation and transportation.