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Planter Bag Widely Used
- May 22, 2017 -

Planting Bag Special Geotextile nursery bag seedling technology has been widely used, so, planting bags for the quality of geotextile seedling bag is very important. Planter Bag How to distinguish the planting bag special geotextile seedling bag is poisonous?

One: Sensory detection method non-toxic Non-woven bag is milky, translucent, or colorless transparent, flexible, feel lubrication, Planter Bag appearance like wax; toxic non-woven bag color turbidity or pale yellow, feel hair sticky.

Two: Water testing method to put Non-woven bags in the water, and according to the bottom, non-toxic non-woven bag small proportion, can surface, Planter Bag toxic non-woven bags than large, sinking geotextile planting bag Lee Total 15066579194

Three: Trembling detection method with hands to grasp the non-woven bag at one end of the hard shaking, the sound of the person non-toxic;

Four: Fire detection method non-toxic polyethylene non-woven bags flammable, flame blue, upper yellow, white cured, smoke less; poisonous polyvinyl chloride non-woven bag non-flammable, out of the fire, the flame is yellow, the bottom is green, softening can be brushed, Planter Bag there is a pungent odor of hydrochloric acid good, the above four methods enough to identify the planting bag geotextile seedling bag, hope that little part of the experience can bring you help and convenience!

In order to overcome the deficiencies in the existing background technology, design a simple structure, low cost, easy to popularize, can be used in the greenhouse, can also be used in the open air, both for arable land can also be applied to mountainous areas, can also be used for urban greening, can significantly improve the land utilization rate of the solution, is the traditional agricultural cultivation methods and urban greening way of a change. Design Scheme 1, using the bottom of the cylindrical implant bag side circumference 360 ° Planter Bag omni-directional Top-down array horizontal direction "one" seam for planting method is the main characteristics of the invention. The working principle of the method: a round bucket-shaped bag with a closed bottom, its side with a lot of horizontal direction of "one" word crack "broken" bag, in the process of loading a small amount of soil will be out of the hole, but after filling the soil, because the added soft soil transverse pressure will be round bucket bag open into a cylindrical shape, the transverse fiber of the fabric is tightened, and the horizontal tension is combined with the viscous force and friction between the soil and the rough bag wall, so that the level crack can become and remain closed. Thereby avoiding the continued loss of the planted soil, as a result of flexible materials have a certain degree of elasticity, Planter Bag this closed planting seam can be slightly forced to open implant seedlings, after implantation of this crack can be restored closed state, this phenomenon can effectively prevent the soil filled with planting bags after continuing to drain from the planting seam, horizontal seam can also be used for top dressing. The use of corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, with high tensile strength of the soft synthetic fiber materials, such as geotextiles (including Non-woven geotextile and textile geotextile), the purpose is to use geotextiles have a certain degree of water permeability, no leakage of soil, Planter Bag deformation adaptability, tearing resistance, anti-aging, soft surface and a lot of clearance so that geotextile has a good coefficient of friction can increase the adhesion of soil particles, can effectively prevent the accumulation of water in the bag caused by plant rotten roots and to prevent the loss of soil.

2, planting bags around the horizontal direction of the array of "one" word planting seam design, is the invention of a simple all-round three-dimensional characteristics of the bag. The arrangement spacing and the width of the seam are determined independently according to the development degree and the close planting requirement of the seed selection plant. The purpose of this is to control the spacing of planting holes flexibly according to different plant growth degree and planting density requirements. Second, in order to make full use of the side area to achieve three-dimensional planting, reasonable planting, increase production. 3, the top of the bag hanging rope and hanging hook with the design, is the invention of the simple omni-directional three-dimensional cultivation bag characteristics of the second. The purpose of this is to keep the upper edge of the bag mouth always high out of the planting soil, to prevent the loss of the soil from the top of the bag. The second is easy to connect with the top fixed device, can keep the planting bag always in an upright state. Third, this lanyard can also be used for hanging planting bags for small-scale planting bags. 4, the simple omni-directional three-dimensional planting bag and the column pole, Planter Bag the bag mouth hangs the rope, the fixed hook match is the characteristic of the invention. 5, the simple omni-directional three-dimensional planting bag's bottom face with the rope tightens closes, the side uses the male and female pastes or the zipper design is the characteristic of the invention four. The purpose of this is to facilitate the use of cylindrical rods. 6, the simple omni-directional three-dimensional planting bag and drip irrigation tube cooperate design is the characteristic of the invention of five. The purpose of this is: a number of simple omni-directional three-dimensional planting bag spacing arrangement, and in the planting bag above the drip tube, liquid fertilizer and water can be through the top soil and planting bag materials to penetrate to the lower, save water and reduce labor intensity. 7, wall-mounted "broken" bag combination design, the invention is the three-dimensional planting "broken" bag characteristics of the six. The purpose of this is to facilitate the use of vertical plane, cylindrical surface, slope surface, arc surface cultivation. Planter Bag Technical Program 1: Simple omni-directional three-dimensional planting bag, is the bottom of the cylindrical planting bag closed, its cylindrical surface around the top and bottom of a number of horizontal direction of the "one" word for planting or fertilization, the bottom of the bag and the side of the seam using line sewing, welding, male and female, rope, one of these measures or two or more combinations of measures used to make a cylindrical bag, planting soil in the bag, the planting bag after the soil to maintain an upright position, the side of the bag and the top of the seam can be planted or fertilized.