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Planter Bag Widely Used
- Jul 24, 2017 -

The seedling technology of the special geotextile nursery bags has been widely used, Planter Bag so that the quality of the geotextile bagging bag is very important.

Non-toxic non-woven bags are milky white, Planter Bag translucent, or colorless and transparent, flexible, feel lubricated, looks like wax; toxic non-woven bags color or pale yellow, feel sticky.

The non-woven bags placed in the water, Planter Bag and according to the bottom of the water, non-toxic non-woven bags of small proportion, can surfaced, toxic non-woven bags than the huge, sink

Hand to catch non-woven bags at one end of the force shaking, loud loudness of the non-toxic; sound stuffy people are toxic.

Non-toxic polyethylene non-woven bags flammable, Planter Bag the flame was blue, the top yellow, Planter Bag white lucian flavor, smoke less; toxic PVC non-woven bag is not flammable, from the fire that is extinguished, the flame was yellow, Green, softening can be brushed, with hydrochloric acid irritating smell

Also known as: tree planting bags, the United States and poultry bags, Planter Bag is the use of new container cultivation techniques, Planter Bag imports of soil and water conservation special synthetic fiber non-woven manufacturing, fabric production formula is reasonable, strong pull.

It is cultivated with a variety of seedling products, low cost, high efficiency, strong durability, strong water conservation, water conservation, Planter Bag moisturizing and fertilizers, good insulation, so that the trees grow green; not affected by seasonal climate (especially in the north drought And desert planting than in the usual environment, the survival rate is higher, the role is more obvious); at the same time nursery products throughout the year transplant roots complete, to ensure high survival rate of transplant, Planter Bag seedlings can achieve the desired growth advantage!

The American bag is a non-woven bag made of polypropylene material that can be used to plant small plants inside without having to change the soil and bags back and forth because of the growth of its roots, and it is suitable for many species , Even the most difficult to grow bamboo trees, Planter Bag camphor trees and so on and then the United States can grow well in the bag, this planted material for plant growth has many advantages, it helps plant growth, species in the United States There is no difference between the bag and the field in the field, Planter Bag but will achieve very good results

US bags using a special polypropylene material, Planter Bag can cause a natural cut off the effect of high transplant efficiency. After planting the root outwards, contact with this unique material will run through the bag surface, and was ring peeling, Planter Bag so that the root of the bag will not grow thick, and promote the formation of many fine roots in the bag, is the natural cut off the effect.