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Wall-hanging Planting Bag Beautiful And Resistant
- Oct 26, 2017 -

Green wall planting bags is a large indoor and outdoor wall greening a new solution, decorate the green to your walls and beautify the light back wall, making it more beautiful and resistant; wall-hanging planting bag also applies to indoor decoration planting, wall-hanging planting bag with a variety of green plants The combination of a large piece of green walls can make people relaxed and happy, or separate a few single just right of the embellishment can also make people feel green in the natural sense of the region

From the beginning of the seedlings can be directly poured into the bag without planting, wall-hanging planting bag soil, pots, into a tree after the direct transplant.

 Planting bags (US bags) with the best permeability of breathable, allowing water, nutrient free penetration, there will be no root rot phenomenon.

 Planting bags (US bags) can be used as a general container to save container costs. And can be folded, packaged transport, saving transportation costs.

 Roots are not easy to surround, the main root in the bag range of growth, wall-hanging planting bag fine roots can penetrate the US side of the bag to absorb moisture, nutrients.

 Any soil can be used, especially sandy soil effect is more significant.

The home is a forest, planting pouch fungus, wall-hanging planting bag has been planted for 4 years, but in the last year's sudden drop in production, suspected disinfection is not complete, this year to strengthen the disinfection measures, as well as some external conditions, including the temperature control when the bacteria. But this year only now do the two bacteria, still no better, no two bacteria fermentation, wall-hanging planting bag cut to see some individual sterile silk, some mycelium is very fine, ...

No, should not be called hanging bag fungus, should be the kind of bagging. First in the shelf on the bacteria, hair will be shipped to the outside, find the right place by the pendulum in the ground, like water waiting for the ear.

The bagging process is the most widely used process in the industry. wall-hanging planting bag Its convenience, low cost, less maintenance, suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor green walls. The watering system is automatic and manual to choose from, convenient and flexible, wall-hanging planting bag which can ensure that the amount of water within each bag evenly to ensure that the plant growth in good condition.