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Wall-hanging Planting Bag Creative
- Nov 06, 2017 -

Multi-meat plants, because they do not need to be watered frequently, wall-hanging planting bag are liked by many friends who like to be planted, wall-hanging planting bag before you introduced a lot of plant cultivation of many meat plants, are very creative, the use of the whole piece of square wood to make the wall-type pot is also very chic, home decoration is very innovative indoor green plant decorations.

10x10cm Square Wood, L-type stainless steel bracket, wall-hanging planting bag diameter 0.8cm wooden pin, grit grinding piece (80 mesh and 220 mesh), Paint brush, Minwax polycrylic protection topcoat (used for goods, we can use wood wax or varnish), sharp knives, fleshy plants, planting soil, screws.

Use a circular saw to cut the 10x10cm square wood out of the 35cm long cutting two incisions, of course, no such high-end tools can also use the most common hand hacksaw to cut.

Then use a sliding compound laser to cut the bottom of the wood.

Use a rechargeable electric drill to drill the front side of the wood 3 evenly spaced diameters of 5cm, deep 6. A circular hole of 3cm.

Using a long drill, drill a small round hole of 0.8cm in the center of the side width of the square wood, the hole will run through the bottom of the positive round hole and drain the water.

Use the track grinder first with 80-purpose gravel to smooth the edges and corners of wood, and then use 220 mesh gravel to burnish the wood surface.

Cut section diameter diameter 0.8cm wooden pin about 2.5cm long, wall-hanging planting bag the end of a slightly thinner, so easy to insert the drainage hole.

Green Wall Planting Bag is a new solution for large indoor and outdoor metope greening. Decorate the green to your walls and beautify the back wall of the light to make it more aesthetically resistant, but also suitable for indoor decorative planting, wall-hanging planting bag with a variety of green small plants combined with a large green wall can make people relaxed rest, Or a single few of the individual's just right embellishment can also be achieved to let the person in the green natural area of the feeling. The reform of the production of felt planting bag promotes the rapid development of nursery stock market, reduces the production cost, shorten the production cycle, and ensures the survival rate of seedlings, and facilitates transplanting, wall-hanging planting bag loading and unloading of vehicles. The ultimate outlet for all the textile cloth bags is to reduce the cost of Miaosheng production and to improve the use of life life, providing a simpler and better service for nursery stock.

Container seedlings are administered. For example, wall-hanging planting bag according to the growth condition of seedlings, the distance between the seedlings can be adjusted and the pruning and so on.

It is the time and expense of planting seedlings in the field.

Can be transplanted throughout the year, and not affect the quality and growth of seedlings to maintain the original tree shape, improve the effect of the green landscape.