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Wall-hanging Planting Bag Greening The Wall
- May 22, 2017 -

Green Wall Planting Bag is a new solution for large indoor and outdoor metope greening, decorate green to your wall and beautify the light back wall, wall-hanging planting bag to make it more beautiful and resistant, but also suitable for indoor decoration, with a variety of green small plants combined with a large piece of green walls can let a person relaxed, or independent of a few of the just right embellishment can also reach the green natural area of the feeling. The reform of felt planting bag has promoted the rapid development of seedling market, reduced production cost, shortened production cycle, ensured the survival rate of seedlings, wall-hanging planting bag convenient transplanting, loading and unloading. All Non-woven bag production of the final way out: to reduce the production cost of container seedlings, improve the service life for nursery stock enterprises to provide a more concise and perfect services system.

The advantages of felt planting bag

Container seedlings are easy to administer. For example, according to the growth of seedlings, can be at any time to mediate the distance between seedlings, wall-hanging planting bag easy pruning and so on.

It is convenient to transport and save the time and cost of planting seedlings in the field.

Can be transplanted throughout the year, and does not affect the quality and growth of seedlings to maintain the original tree shape, improve the effect of greening landscape.

Selection of Planting bags

In recent years, with Non-woven fabric planting bag (Mei Sik bag) production applications from abroad, with its permeable, breathable, durable and other advantages have been developed in China has been a large-scale use of seedlings to carry culture, become the most ideal seedling container materials!

Non-woven Fabric Tree Bag


From the start of the seedlings can be directly seed bags do not need to be planted, change the soil, changing pots, into a tree directly after transplanting.

Tree-Planting bag (Mei Sik bag) has the best permeable permeability, can let water, nutrient free infiltration, there will be no root rot.

The tree-planting bag (Mei Sik bag) can be used as a general container to save the container cost. And can be folded, packaged transportation, wall-hanging planting bag saving transportation costs.

Root is not easy to surround, the main root in the bag within the range of growth, fine root can penetrate the side of the bag absorption of water, nutrients.

Any soil can be used, especially the effect of sandy soil is more significant.

Do not need to root out before transplanting, with simple tools can be transplanted without technical workers to deal with, reduce labor costs.

When transplanting, the pruning shears leaves, retains most of the foliage, makes the tree shape perfect, the plant quality greatly enhances.

Can be transplanted throughout the year, not affected by the seasons, wall-hanging planting bag climate, transplant time extended significantly.

For those trees that are difficult to transplant or transplant (such as camphor tree, Bamboo, gingko, cherry blossom, high survival rate of maple), the daily management cost of the festival.