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Wall-hanging Planting Bag Rapid Development
- Aug 09, 2017 -

Green Wall Planting Bag is a new solution for large indoor and outdoor metope greening, decorate green to your wall and beautify the light back wall, to make it more beautiful and resistant, wall-hanging planting bag but also suitable for indoor decoration, with a variety of green small plants combined with a large piece of green walls can let a person relaxed, or independent of a few of the just right embellishment can also reach the person in the green natural area of the feeling. The reform of the production of felt planting bag promotes the rapid development of nursery stock market, reduces the production cost, shorten the production cycle, wall-hanging planting bag and ensures the survival rate of seedlings, and facilitates transplanting, loading and unloading of vehicles. The ultimate outlet for all the textile cloth bags is to reduce the cost of Miaosheng production and to improve the use of life life, providing a simpler and better service for nursery stock.

Container seedlings are administered. For example, according to the growth condition of seedlings, wall-hanging planting bag the distance between the seedlings can be adjusted and the pruning and so on.

It is the time and expense of planting seedlings in the field.

Can be transplanted throughout the year, wall-hanging planting bag and not affect the quality and growth of seedlings to maintain the original tree shape, improve the effect of the green landscape.

From the start of the seedlings can be directly seed bags do not need to be planted, change the soil, switch pots, into the tree after the direct transplant.

Planting the tree bag (Mei Sik bag) has the best penetration gas permeability, can let the water, the nourishment divide the free penetrate through, does not have the root to rot the elephant.

Planting Tree Bag (Mei Sik bag) can be used as a general container, the cost of the container. And can be folded, packaging, transportation costs.

The root is not easy to surround, the main root in the bag inside the range, wall-hanging planting bag the root can penetrate the side of the bag to absorb moisture, nutrients.

Any soil can be used, especially the effect of sandy soil is more obvious.

Wall-hanging planting bag vertical greening wall, wall-hanging planting bag vertical planting bag, wall-mounted planting bag vertical greening of the wall jining hundred Li Xin Grass Industry Co., Ltd. is a trade-oriented specialization of grass sales, engineering green built in one of the modern integrated enterprise. Companies follow the integrity of the supremacy, people-oriented business principles, wall-hanging planting bag the business has covered the country, has become more influential grass seed management one of the enterprises. The company's main: forage seeds, lawn seeds, green manure seeds, flower seeds, landscape conservation products, such as slope materials. wall-hanging planting bag Sowing wall planting bags vertical greening walls, vertical planting bags, wall-mounted planting bags of vertical greening of the grass root of the roots developed, with long and strong creeping stems, stems short, can be rooting spread. Leaf sheaths mostly overlapping, sheaths LAX, longer than internodes, glabrous, wall-hanging planting bag margin long ciliate. Leaves 4 to 5 cm long, 2 to 2 wide. 5 mm, hairy. The inflorescence consists of 2 to 4 spikelets, which are concealed in the upper leaf sheath, with only the stigma of the first flower sticking out of the sheath. Spikelets Linear-lanceolate, up to 15 mm long, with different bristles and hairs; first lemma and spikelets; wall-hanging planting bag second lemma cartilaginous but not hard. Ground wolf tail grass growth low, there is a strong encroachment, by creeping rhizome, in the low pruning conditions can form dense turf. Its negative resistance medium, wall-hanging planting bag the branch is hard, the formation of the lawn rough, more resistant to trampling, but drought resistance, heat resistance and cold resistance than most of the warm-season lawn, wall-hanging planting bag in the 900 mm annual precipitation conditions, growth in the area in the frost-free growth is good.