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Wall-hanging Planting Bag Very Strong Ornamental
- May 10, 2017 -

Wall-mounted bags are very popular, it has a very strong ornamental,wall-hanging planting bag and can play a place to purify the air, so in some places, will be built wall-mounted plant bags of plant wall, To achieve the effect of viewing. In fact, the plant wall is not a simple wall, it is very technical content. So, what is the technical advantage of wall-mounted plant bags?

1, three-dimensional green technology is mature, the development of standard processes, simple and quick operation, large-scale production and construction and use of weathering material made of the outer frame, with a very good corrosion resistance, and there will be no leakage problems.

2, wall-type planting bags of the ecological wall of wall-hanging planting bag the plant wall is the use of cotton and anti-UV materials made of wall-mounted bags with corrosion resistance, high temperature, resistance to freezing, tensile strength of the characteristics of large, and with water , Drainage function, we use it, can be very convenient to change the shape of the plant wall and to wall-hanging planting bag ensure the role of the plant wall.

3, wall-mounted plant bags plant wall not only the use of nutrient soil, in order to facilitate the growth of plants, and it also uses automatic drip irrigation system, the timing of the plant wall irrigation, very water-saving, but also Regional irrigation.

4, wall-type planting bags of plant wall are mostly used perennial herbs or small shrubs to ensure that the wall-mounted planting bags of long-term landscape effect,wall-hanging planting bag and useful fog spray system, can be a good way to ensure that the plant foliage fresh green, Both deodorant and dust removal.

1, from the visual point of view, the plant wall is more artistic. A plant wall works, through different colors, shapes, sizes and different combinations of combinations, can be coordinated with the surrounding environment, showing a different gesture, or enchanting, or unrestrained, or slim, etc., can be called the superior artwork.


2, from a technical point of view, the plant wall can be automatically irrigated, fertilizers, so that not only people out, but also through the scientific management of plants control, but also more conducive to the healthy growth of plants. Of course, by doing so, to build a successful plant wall, but also need to have more systematic knowledge, such as plants, cultivation, machinery, water and electricity, are indispensable

3, from the economic point of view, the plant wall is more economical than the plant Zubai. Perhaps the plant wall pre-investment is higher, but because of its low maintenance costs, longer life cycle, so in the long run, it can greatly save the cost of the owners.


4, from a functional point of view, a side of the plant wall can form a small climate environment, thus purifying the air, reduce energy consumption, reduce noise and so on. Only the current popular plant Zubai, due to the number and area of the restrictions, it is difficult to really achieve the above results.